give references

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References in classic literature ?
I cannot here give references and authorities for my several statements; and I must trust to the reader reposing some confidence in my accuracy.
This is because there is an exemption from the need to disclose data for people who give references.
However, They Should Give References Of Previous Supplies.
Of course, she also first says, "Tim, you know we can't give references.
He ends with a final attempt to prove my ignorance by asking if I could give references that cover the changes (he says I base my notions on) to the fundamental laws and equations involved in paralleling three-phase generators to the synchronous infinite grid network.
It is a long drag - it is very intimidating, having to give references.
Chapter ending notes give references to original papers and provide suggestions for further reading.
However, they have responded by saying it is not their policy to give references and that they will only respond to factual questions put to them.
It is perfectly acceptable to have a company policy which states that your company does not give references.
If an employer chooses to give references beyond the "name, rank and serial number" method illustrated above, the employer should only comment on documented and job-related events, and should only discuss them with people who have a business need to know the information.
Appoint one person to give references if your company's size warrants delegating this duty.
EMPLOYERS are unwilling to give references for former employees because they fear expensive litigation, a new survey shows.