give right

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He and Dunsford had worked at the subject together on Philip's skeleton, asking each other questions till both knew by heart every attachment and the meaning of every nodule and groove on the human bones; but in the examination room Philip was seized with panic, and failed to give right answers to questions from a sudden fear that they might be wrong.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's Permanent Mission to the United Nations has urged to give right to self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
I believe you are right, but maybe Mr Mohammed Amjad is going through a tough time, he and his family are still going through such a tragedy that they are not able to think and give right opinions.
of the Program give right to 2 313 819 voted at the General Meeting of
This person boasts they give right of way to pedestrians.
The foundation raises money to give right back to the schools with scholarships and grants,'' said Felicia Scorse, chamber programs director.
For information, 3 warrants give right to one share at a price of 23 EUR.
Infact ECP does not want to give right to vote to overseas Pakistanis, which would be at par with depriving them from their right", Chief Justice added.
of the Program give right to 2 123 177 voted at the General Meeting of
While hearing a case against young doctors' strike, Justice Hassan said that law and constitution did not give right to doctors to go on strike.
of the Program give right to 1 967 881 voted at the General Meeting of
Under international maritime rules of the road, the Korean ship was required to give right of way.