give sign

See: inform, signify
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Shoppers continue to give signs that they are ready to loosen the grip on their spending plans, but at the same time remain very cautious and dead-focused in their spending," says Retail Forward senior economist Frank Badillo.
He said the way to weaken Turkey's arguments was to give signs that the foremost intention and desire of the Greek Cypriot side was the solution of the Cyprus problem -- a solution that would resolve the rest of the issues.
Although this was a technical step, the dossier had in fact been blocked for several weeks by Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, which did not want to give signs of pursuing enlargement prior to the European elections.
Trading was a welcome nine deals above the psychological 10,000 mark, as the market starts to give signs that its good run of form is here to stay.
And it's not often you'll get the chance to chase a bike cop who is semaphoring signals at you to keep you concentrating on the road and give signs of possible upcoming hazards.
Bulimia does not give signs away like anorexia, it's a hidden disease doing its damage under the surface.