give support to

See: subsidize
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There is no need of secrecy, because citizens who give support to the opposition leadership also want to continue the honest collaboration.
On the other hand, the Congress has lost complete ground in Delhi, and therefore is ready to give support to P, even though they are being abused," said Azad.
The aim of the Parents Support Group is to give support to each other and to bring the children, their families and friends together to share ideas, experiences and increase awareness of others in the same situation.
BDI has not reviewed the initiative for voting trust in the Government and as Koha has been told from partisan sources, the decision to give support to the Government was unambiguous.
Members of FEMEN protested Lukashenko to give support to jailed opposition members who went on trial on Wednesday in Belarus capital of Minsk.
Acorns are a charity which give support to children with life threatening illnesses and disabilities.
They'll now work with local midwives and health visitors to give support to new mums and help them to overcome the early problems with breastfeeding that some people can experience.
They added he had previously been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and used that to give support to others going through the same terrible illness.
A COMMUNITY project to give support to Stechford youngsters has been given a cash boost.
Today, please be nice and give support to a person, group, or business that has made a positive contribution to society, get some exercise, and put aside time to laugh.
The youngsters will call on leaders to tackle the problems of energy shortages, global education and the spread of infectious diseases and to give support to the Commonwealth of Independent States in Eastern Europe and Asia.
The title appeared to give support to their superiority complex.