give surety

See: ensure
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The inherent security incorporated within the design concept and the high levels of applied security through the specialised printing process are necessary to give surety and confidence to the overall project.
He would give surety of returning back the money as soon as he reaches the destination.
Secondly, if it becomes functional by the temporary assistance of foreign countries, who will give surety that this force will not be break into different pieces in future.
The election results give surety that the military, which has ruled Burma since 1962, will continue to exercise power.
In cases of undertrials, although the bail has been granted by the courts, the prisoners languish in the jail due to inability to pay the bail amount or have no one to give surety.
We need to give surety to the people at the Tote, who've been working under great uncertainty, and we need to make sure we get the maximum return for public investment, while making the best return we can to racing.