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It will give the floor to other Green Building Councils in the GCC region, including representation from Lebanon, Qatar and Jordan.
With 2 votes for, 7 against and 23 abstaining, the councilmen refused to give the floor to architect Kalina Pavlova, one of the forerunners of those opposing the Alley One project, while the requests of the other NGO and civil organizations representatives were not even voted on.
Central banks chairmen and the political instability in Greece contributed greatly in the drop of major currencies to give the floor to the US dollar to dominate the exchange markets.
I'm personally looking forward to sitting in on several sessions as we give the floor to a host of leading digital experts specialising in the travel sector, to lead a number of interactive sessions focusing on the latest technological advances and trends in online consumer behaviour.
Judge Ahmed Refaat adjourned the session when Suleiman sought to give the floor to another member of the prosecution team.
Paper sessions will give the floor to other utilities to share success stories with regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction, one-call ticket management, and other important issues.
There is a need to give the floor to Bazarbekov and member of the Civic Council to control court system Nurbek Toktakunov.
Yes, Ms Thomas, you may have found it tough to give the floor to a contrarian at your conference, but the very ethos of your profession demands that they be allowed a voice.
On Thursday, July 31, Professional Women in Construction (PWC) will give the floor to a group of developers behind some of NYC's most innovative residential and commercial spaces at a breakfast (8 to 10 a.
Kuwaiti Information Minister Sheik Ahmed Fahd Al-Ahmed leaped up, waving a small Kuwaiti flag that had been on the desk, and tried to get the chairman to give the floor to the head of his delegation.
I wish you all welcome and I am very pleased to give the floor to Mr.
administration officials, the 11 Chinese participants would often refuse to give the floor to the president.