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Demi Moore may look like she's still in her thirties, but her saggy knees give the game away.
The coving and skylighting of these volumes, their materials and colours, find echoes in design of the new rooms on the upper floor; only the suppression of skirtings and lack of ornamentation in the latter give the game away.
Under Ronald Reagan, illegal concealment would again be fashionable, and there were no Ellsbergs to give the game away.
Others such as Mydoom attempt to mimic Outlook Express SMTP headers, but small flaws give the game away and it is possible to identify Mydoom as the source of the e-mail, based on these flaws in the SMTP headers.
A hint: Carefully cropped on the right are the buildings that cling to a Worcester landmark that would give the game away.
The twisty-turny nature of the story means that little is made known about the plot - nobody wants to give the game away - but we do have some snippets of information to impart.
Spot the point at which you think Inverdale's earpiece might have been fairly noisy as he was instructed not to give the game away.
I thought they came for a point but we seemed to stop playing at 1-0 up and we contrived to give the game away.
However, on closer inspection, the larger, 16-inch alloy wheels and fully body- coloured bumper give the game away.