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Come to an agreement about whether you buy a present for everyone or just the kids and give token gifts to the rest.
The Western powers do give token aid to Africa but so much more is needed.
The groups representing the textiles and tabletop industries have for years been underfunded and understaffed because the big players in those fields only give token support to the associations.
But this Congress has decided to give token help to states and no help at all to college families," said Rep.
Shereen has the right idea, she thinks we should all give token presents of food or drink.
The BBC are dab hands at going all over the world with their camera crews to report on trivial topics, but they can only give token coverage of the SNP Conference which is now, more than ever, of huge importance to us all - as shown by the number of foreign journalists who were in attendance.
connect will give Token Ring network managers the investment protection and solid development path they need as their network bandwidth needs rise and they plan for the deployment of next-generation IP-based applications.
If you would like to give tokens to Albert Parkrun please send them to 7A Limes Road, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, TS5 6RQ - or you can take them along to Albert Park and hand them to a steward on the day.
Traffic policemen come periodically and give tokens to drivers so that they can move in a queue but that does not work with everyone.
The retailer is helping families stretch their holiday budgets, as many shoppers plan to give tokens of appreciation to extended family, friends and co-workers this holiday season.
We explain that only one randomly chosen transfer will actually be made and also that they will be on the receiving end of transfers, if any, from a different partner than the one to whom they can give tokens.
The club has set up a new junior session and hope the Gazette readers will give tokens to help encourage youngsters to take up the sport and then progress in it.