give validity to

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It is my prayer that this recognition will give validity to the healing and reconciliation work that Winnipeg Inner City Missions currently does.
Garvis Snook, chief executive of Rok, said: "We welcome the findings of this report which give validity to our arguments that a change in tax on property repairs could be cash neutral.
Using sophisticated analytical techniques, he compares the performance of horses when ridden by different jockeys, restricting his ratings to riders for whom there is enough data to give validity to his findings.
After coming of age, he decided that by helping bring victory to the United States in World War II, he could give validity to racial integration, choosing the skies of Europe as his battlefield and the airplane as his weapon.
Then the person apologetically gives a further explanation to try to give validity to the questions, such as, "I just teach in a smaller community, and I am not interested in teaching competition winners, so I really don't have any need to belong to local or state, let alone, a national association.
Business cases substantiate claims and give validity to the reasons behind corporate investment in eLearning.
Unfortunately, director Jerome Guardino's ponderous, community theater-level staging and a painfully inconsistent ensemble fail to enliven or give validity to the playwright's concerns while glaringly exposing the weaknesses in the work.