give verbal evidence

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A judge will only issue a ruling by the Summary Trial procedure if he or she is satisfied that the case can be fairly decided without having witnesses appear before the court to give verbal evidence.
Among the witnesses expected to give verbal evidence were United boss Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester City midfielder Eyal Berkovic, who was with Ferdinand in central Manchester when his former West Ham team-mate was notified of his failure to take the pre-arranged test.
Retailers do not now expect to give verbal evidence to the Commission before February, which is when they will hope to get a clearer understanding of where the inquiry is heading.
Twenty-one of those were called to give verbal evidence, and some were among those named as having failed Mr Mubarek, by the inquiry.
Invitations to give verbal evidence were sent to 41 people, but 19 either refused to attend or did not reply.
In his statement, Mr Bains, who has yet to give verbal evidence to the panel, cited a comment made by a CRE legal director about a 'Sikh clique' in its Birmingham office as evidence that Asians were being discriminated against.
The federation has contributed written evidence to the Assembly's Children and Young People Committee, which is scrutinising the Bill and we hope to be invited to give verbal evidence.
She added that they had assisted the investigation: "Staff from Herefordshire Council provided the GSCC with written statements and attended this hearing to give verbal evidence.
The Portsmouth defender was reguired to give verbal evidence after witnessing the training ground bust-up at Manchester City last May in which Barton attacked Ousmane Da bo.