give witness

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While everything that Francis does is in the limelight, he seems to know how to give witness to Jesus' way of doing things in public as a servant rather than as a showman.
One wishes that the authors had been present at the Viennese conference to give witness to the theological fruits of friendship between Muslims and Christians.
Cardinal Gerald Cyprien Lacroix read a message from the Holy Father: "His Holiness Pope Francis is pleased to greet everyone taking part in the seventeenth National March for Life in Ottawa, and he assures them of his spiritual closeness as they give witness to the God-given dignity, beauty, and value of human life.
The whole thing is going to go on and on and we have had to give witness statements," said Alice, who lives with husband Brian and their two sons Fergus, 12, and Finlay, nine.
In essence, the church must demonstrate repentance and give witness by enacting God's vision, ready to bear the suffering and even death that inevitably follow.
Of 3,573 prisoners who passed through Kensington Palace Gardens, more than 1,000 were tortured and treated this way to sign confessions or give witness statements for use in war crimes prosecutions.
Director General of Al Mezan Issam Younis said, "Besides the physical obstacles imposed on Palestinians, especially by restricting their access to courts to give witness and other evidence, this law abolishes the already slim possibility of remedy available to Palestinians.
We expect the new church to have higher visibility in today's society to give witness to the Good News," said Pastor Joel Dautheville, EELF president.
Thus, they let each other down; their own bodies give witness against them; their personalities are torn apart with each part claiming that the other is lying.
The church must also give witness to one of the ancient signs of her holiness, that of generosity," he noted.
Mary's stubborn commitment to give witness to her community's mourning and grief is inspirational.