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This result is even more apparent if give-ups are excluded.
In 2009, the Insurance Information Institute identified the top cities for auto give-ups as Houston, Tex.
As Ashbridge put it, "We're seeing more give-ups pretty much across the board.
Traiana's FX Prime Brokerage solution, based on Traiana TRM and the Traiana Harmony service for automating prime brokerage give-ups, is in use today by leading banks to deliver streamlined, exception-based trade processing combined with superior client service, trading partner integration and real-time reporting.
Working in cooperation with the Frauds Bureau and other law enforcement agencies, insurance industry fraud investigators, are increasingly vigilant about owner give-ups and are aggressively investigating them," Ellen Melchionni, spokesperson for the Group said.
Arrests for auto give-ups increased 35 percent over the previous year, jumping from 96 to 130 arrests.
The award cited CitiFX Pro's availability over multiple channels, including installed, Web-based and mobile devices; its offering of prime broker give-ups and its broad range of more than 130 currency pairs as key elements in the selection.
As the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports, there has been a noticeable increase in vehicle arsons, owner give-ups, and theft of precious materials and other goods.
This process includes MBS TBA trade entry, FICC submission and exception management, TBA balancing and netting, pool allocations and substitutions, full EPN processing, inventory management, TBA pair offs, trade assignments, and broker give-ups.
It identified exporting cars to other countries, owner give-ups in which a false theft report is made to collect insurance proceeds, and chop shops as major trends contributing to the problem.
The systems enable traders, clearing members and back-offices to manage all trading activity in a single real-time system, including seeing live P&L and risk updates, manage credit and trading permissions in real-time, handle real-time give-ups, allocations and notices.