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The law states that candidates can use their given name and middle name or just a middle name, but forbids a "nickname that is not a recognized diminutive of the candidate's given name.
The historical importance of a person's family tree is reflected in today's top 10 Welsh surnames, all of which are based on fathers' given names.
Saudi Arabia is not the only country to ban given names deemed as offensive.
Balochistan High Court has given name of Justice Tahira Safdar, Islamabad High Court recommended name of Justice Noor-ul-Haq Qureshi, Sindh High Court named Justice Faisal Arab, Lahore High Court given name of Justice Yawar Ali and Peshawar High Court sent name of Yahiya Afridi.
DUBAI - Imagine two persons, who have the same given name and surname, also having close similarities in their parents' names, dates of birth, signatures and even in looks
A "mutual friend" in this pub scene addresses Dawes as "Baxter," but the narrative's focus on Paul at this point forestalls the use of his given name.
And so, for a few heartbeats, that was the given name.
1 : a usually descriptive name used in addition to a person's given name <My brother had the nickname "Nosy.
And it seems that from the opening track God Given Name, Solange is on a mission to remind us that she may be Beyonce's sister but she's definitely not going to sit in her shadow.
Since the change in demographics, Chinese given names are more frequently seen today; sometimes combined with a Western given name.
The member of Newport rap group Goldie Lookin' Chain has been refusing to share his given name with his house mates.
His given name was Mercurius, and since he thought it unseemly that the bishop of Rome should share the name of a pagan god, he took the name John.