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Sean Miley has been given odds of 4/1, while Kiera Weathers has chances of 13/2.
Candidates from the far right parties - Peter Tierney for the National Front and Mike Whitby for the BNP - are also given odds of 200/1.
The analysts' favourite, Halfords CEO lan McLeod, a former Asda man, was given odds of 8/1.
We are the Olympic champions and everyone wants to beat us now and that will only lift us higher and higher,' said Campbell Paralympic dressage rider Lee Pearson received an OBE for services to equestrianism and disabled sport Veteran pollster Sir Robert Worcester, who was knighted, said two years ago he would have given odds of 10,000 to 1 that he would not have been at the Palace.
Bets are also being placed in the political world, with Peter Hain given odds of 12/1 to become the national Labour leader and the Liberal Democrats given the same odds to beat the Conservatives at the General Election.
He has also given odds (1000-1) on Father Dougal McGuire, a fictional priest from the British television series, Father Ted.
When the 2005-06 season started the Steelers were given odds of only 12/1 to win the Super Bowl, while the Seahawks were an even longer shot, with the BETonSPORTS odds makers giving them 20/1 odds to be crowned champion of the NFL in Detroit.
New York Rose Sophie Colgan and Abu Dhabi Rose Deirdre Ward have been given odds of 7/2 to win next month while Kerry Rose Juliette Culotty is 12/1.
Bookmakers have given odds of 5/1 that snow will fall in London on New Year's Day, with odds of 9/4 and 3/1 for Edinburgh and Belfast, respectively.
They were given odds of 500-1 - offering a 200,000 pounds pay-out if McIlroy, now 22, wins one of the next three Opens.
No-one placed a bet on Newcastle winning 5-1 and Kevin Nolan getting a hat trick but we would have given odds of about 500-1 for that bet.
NEWHALENLet's be honest, the majority of us would bet on any distance, given odds for it