given preference

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Therefore, these appointments be stopped and senior employees be given preference.
He said that it is common criteria throughout the world including Pakistan that domestic consumers are always given preference.
Any complementary ongoing projects will also be given preference in the selection process.
Lebanese businesses which offer products on a par with foreign goods in terms of pricing and quality will be given preference over foreign suppliers, the minister added.
More than 600 well-paying jobs with benefits will be at stake with Leominster residents being given preference.
We now demand that ad hoc teachers who have already been working in colleges should be given preference," said Aditya Narain Misra, former DUTA president.
In spite of affirmative action law, minority students are less likely to finish college, even when given preference for admission.
Qualified foreign workers with knowledge of Korean language will be given preference.
3 If UK-trained horses were given preference in the ballot in non-handicap races that are oversubscribed, thus being given the first opportunity to run, with Irish horses making up the race numbers, that would help.
Now, when oversubscribed, non-faith pupils showing the most "religious commitment" and living closest to the school will be given preference.
Buggy users are given preference over other passengers, and they should not be.
And on the question of protecting workers from workplace risks, Project Manager Paul Rosselli elaborated on his earlier statements by noting that, "The requirement that technical systems to protect workers from workplace risks are to be used if feasible and should be given preference over personal protective equipment is a universal legal requirement.