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I have received my great-grandmother's cookbook (which contains her recipe for bread, the only one I have ever used that works every time), a much-adored handmade sweater, and a set of teacups that were given to my grandmother for her bridal shower.
The Mead Court determined that the weight given to an informal rulemaking under the Skidmore standard depends on the "thoroughness evident in [the agency's] consideration, the validity of its reasoning, its consistency with earlier and later pronouncements, and all those factors which give it the power to persuade.
d) Whether in the approval given to this vernacular variation in the liturgical text something less correct crept in, and which now requires correction or amending?
Instead, they give--as was given to Abram--a vision of what is true about faith.
Funds were given to The Newberry Library for indexing and archiving Barzel's sizeable and irreplaceable collections.
Psalm 16, verse 12 says, `What return can I make to the Lord for all the Lord has given to me?
The backup officers could then enter the home upon the authority of the original consent given to the undercover agents.
Syrup and inukshuks, as well as samples of northern fish were given to the southerners as a representation of Northern Ontario waters and vast wilderness.
A gift by a peasant, for example, might be given to establish protection or increase the chances of advancement.
Microsoft officers note that part of the money given to schools could be used to purchase any type of software, not only Microsoft products.
One of the jobs of FDA is to make sure that all medicines given to children are safe and effective