given to vice

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He said that equal rights would be given to vice chairmen in order to make them able to provide facilitates to citizens at local level.
Pay rises were also given to vice chancellors at Leicester University and De Montfort University.
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was given a major role in the just concluded 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) summit by the Duterte administration, a role that should have been given to Vice President Leni Robredo, according to opposition Sen.
The reproof was given to Vice Minister of Finance Ruslan Dalenov for delay in execution of the plan of legislative activity of the Government in 2014.
He has banned purchasing new vehicles and stopped additional fuel given to Vice Presidents and Divisional Heads, without BoD's appr-oval.
But disgusted Legion members attacked the length of the sentence given to vice chairman Edward Portlock, 73, who pocketed pounds 2,228.
It had been given to Vice President Spiro Agnew by King Faisal in 1971.
And I believed that the role that had been given to Vice President Mondale and then-Vice President Bush [again, no Quayle], was a good thing but only the beginning.
But they claimed it was for enzyme tests, the same tests given to Vice President Dick Cheney (the man who's just a heartbeat away from not being the vice president).
Special consideration should be given to vice presidents and above.
The moral we are to derive from his conversion is that the backwardness of these towns results less from their geographical isolation than from the lack of schools to instruct and educate so that country folks won't become guerrillas, bandits and unbridled individuals given to vice.