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Police later confirmed the device was an electronic cigarette which gives off a visible vapour.
Ferric sulphate gives off nasty fumes which can affect the mucous membranes.
There is no evidence that PVC gives off toxic gases such as phosgene, or one of the class known as dioxins, during ignition.
Actually, sweat itself doesn't smell--it's the bacteria on skin mixed with sweat that gives off body.
As a life member of AMERICAN FORESTS, he explains, "I'm reading that a mature tree takes in carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and photosynthesizes it and stores it and transforms it into oxygen and gives off 24 pounds of oxygen--enough for a family of four.
The major drawback: "The grease gives off kitchen smells.
Women just pour in a few drops of perfume and it gives off the chosen fragrance all day.
Natural gas, when burned, gives off carbon dioxide and water.
First, it gives off a variety of traditional pollutants, including the sulfure compounds that produce acid rain.
Also available to our regular users, this rejuvenating face cream gives off a silky smooth feel and a lightly scented, clean fragrance," states Dr.
Ganahl's project gives off more than a hint of the fan club, with its voracious desire to categorize its idol's output.
You'll find the subtle cues a person gives off are somewhat unique--for one friend, you may find one nervous habit (fingernail biting) and with another friend a different cue (fidgety feet).