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This two in one cream/mask gives skin a revitalising lift by hydrating, moisturising and restoring vitality.
Bel Essence gives skin what nature intended and selects and combines oils with beneficial properties to maximize results without harmful chemicals and colorings.
It gives skin maximum treatment in a short period of time and is not easily removed by sweat or gentle washing of the face as it penetrates deeply into the skin," said Mamta Thakkar, an experienced beauty consultant and UAE general manager at Merle Norman Cosmetics.
This chemical gives skin its color and guards against the sun's ultraviolet rays.
Natura Bisse moisturizer gives skin a beautiful glow even if you're not wearing make-up.
Sublime Glow Moisturizing MicroFine Mist is a lightweight, daily hydrating and conditioning body mist that gradually gives skin a radiant glow.
Perfect Bronze is a silky, smooth powder bronzer that gives skin an instant tan or enhances an already existing tan.
Elastin is the protein that gives skin its "bounce.
A water quota of no less than a healthy 60% gives skin its smooth,plump, translucent quality,bathes cells with nutrients and keeps them soft and functional.
And having tried it I have to agree; it gives skin a super glow - as it should at pounds 75 a pot
There is some truth in the myth, however - dark skin offers slightly more protection from UV rays because it produces increased amounts of a chemical called melanin, which gives skin colour and absorbs UV rays.