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The Home Secretary added: "As I said in my speech (to the conference) this is the sort of community project that gives the lie to those opportunistic politicians who want to do our country down and talk about broken Britain.
The many thousands of Welsh speakers who will shortly be arriving in Cardiff for the National Eisteddfod gives the lie to such an outrageous statement.
Levenes Solicitors based in the city centre says that the award, although substantial, gives the lie to those who rally against the "compensation culture".
It gives the lie to our American world of euphemism in which devastating bombardments are advertised as "surgical strikes" and wars are planned by Halliburton.
A June 1 announcement by the Interior Ministry gives the lie to suggestions that better intelligence and more arrests had reduced the insurgents' capability to strike.
This gives the lie to the idea that ordinary people have no appetite for `serious' culture.
The reason is obvious: Her direct involvement in bombings and murder gives the lie to the textbooks' fawning portrayal of her generation.
Indeed, this unselfconscious fluency in the common tongue readily gives the lie to any notion of 19th-century "Negro inferiority," and it should have been apparent at the time as well.
Which rather gives the lie to all that talk of re-inventing themselves as the party of the people.