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Gizmo died after he was attacked by two other dogs at the kennels but Mr Moran is alleged to have told the owners he ran off during a walk.
Spill-Proof to Provide Peace of Mind for Parents The Gizmo Flip is outfitted with Contigo's patented AUTOSPOUT technology and an angled straw that allows children to easily drink to the bottom of the bottle.
After serving a one-day prison sentence for illegally importing the animal, his owner fled the country, leaving Gizmo behind.
Robertson's solicitor Ken Dalling said Gizmo had been a family pet for 10 years but because of the "strained domestic circumstances" within the home, Robertson had failed to care for him.
Irish Cesarewitch: 1 Questoe Per Te, 2 Kathleens Holly, 3 Garryvoe Jet, 4 Highview Thady (w), 5 Gizmo Classic (w), 6 Priceless Rumble (w).
Helen Hill, of SPA Veterinary Services in Gloucester, said: "The family had given up hope of ever finding Gizmo.
The Gizmo closure provides a pressurised bottle cap where all the ingredients are contained and only released when the cap is opened.
com, which has an army of experts who have chronicled the most frequent gadget queries from its 130,000 members, who have asked for help to work their gizmos.
Distraught owners Nicola Sanson, partner Jason Pemberton and daughter Megan, of Campion Court, Marton Moor, Middlesbrough, have been left with vet's bills of more than pounds 400 after Gizmo had to have a three-hour emergency operation to save his life.
GIZMO AND DOOBY Dogs Gizmo and Dooby live with Fiona and Graeme Neilston in Glasgow.
It's the GIZMO and now I've already said too much, so get your butt over here on the double.
To them, their pet Gizmo is as affectionate, intelligent and playful as any dog or cat.