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Anyone who does adopt this perspective might wonder whether Hare is engaging in Golden Rule reasoning at all: his emphasis on "gladness" as a criterion requires us to ask, in the case of the severely impaired fetus, not "how we would want to be treated were we in that position," but "how we should treat the fetus given that the child, if born, will probably not be glad to be alive and given the chances of our having another child who probably will be much gladder to be alive" Both questions return us to the philosophical difficulty of imagining ourselves occupying a position radically different from our own.
No-one was gladder than I when the infallible pages of my Daily Mail informed me that the ghastly monolith had experienced the most feeble Christmas in retail history, and its ill-gotten gains will not now exceed 3.
Named for its position overlooking Gladder Brook, the house sits on a sloping perch beside Ribbesford Wood in the Worcestershire village of Heightington, near Bewdley.
COTTAGE GROVE - South Lane School District Superintendent Krista Parent will receive the Bev Gladder Mentorship Award at the state's annual Confederation of Oregon School Administrators conference.
As happily as she seemed to greet the sun in her well-enacted awakening, I felt even gladder to greet the waning day at the end of this dispiriting matinee.
But as the stirring strains of Parry's I Was Glad resounded through the Abbey, no-one looked gladder than William to welcome his bride to the altar.