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Glad was the contraband that had a seat in the pit at the Saturday matinee, and happy the Roman street-boy who ate his peanuts and guyed the gladiators from the dizzy gallery.
I have been a dramatic critic myself, in my time, and I was often surprised to notice how much more I knew about Hamlet than Forrest did; and it gratifies me to observe, now, how much better my brethren of ancient times knew how a broad sword battle ought to be fought than the gladiators.
Gladiator Warrior, alias Mike Ahearne, takes part in a |charity football match at Gateshead Stadium, 1994
99, H&M Ripped denim shorts PS14, George @ Asda High-leg gladiator sandals PS35, Fashion World Fringed bag PS32, Very The 22-year-old Little Mix star spices up a pair of lace shorts with knee-high gladiators.
Kyasi, an emerging manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, introduces the Gladiator Glass collection, the world's first titanium alloy curved screen protector for the iPhone 6 with a ballistic grade tempered glass screen cover inset.
The only other gladiator school ever found has been partially excavated behind the Coliseum in Rome.
WHAT we know about Roman gladiatorial combat has largely been framed by Hollywood - from the violent scenes of Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus to Russell Crowe's portrayal of avengeful general Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator.
Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Roman gladiator school situated in Austria.
London, February 27 ( ANI ): Archaeologists have virtually recreated a Roman gladiator school discovered on the banks of the River Danube in Austria.
Countless films such as Gladiator, Spartacus or Quo Vadis describe the extraordinary phenomenon of the men who fought for life and to the death, and examine the dedicated architecture that was created for their performances.
It might seem odd to compare football to the blood-soaked gladiator shows of ancient Rome, but Tony Spawforth, professor of ancient history at Newcastle University, believes the two have much in common.