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But they do promote a self-serving enterprise as being a gladsome thing for our ``community.
As someone who was there to witness the gladsome occasion, perhaps I can spring to her defence on this one.
We wanted to get to know each other before the house filled with bawling, but gladsome, distraction.
As well as songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Trial by Jury, the choir will also sing The Lost Chord, composed during the terminal illness of Sullivan's brother Fred; O Gladsome Light, an 1886 choral piece; and The Festival Te Deum.
First, the gladsome tidings, then the razzmatazz of the wedding, then the royal tours, and then.
Albums like Boat to Bolivia (1982), Gladsome, Humour & Blue ('88) and The Boy's Heart ('92) were informed by Stephenson's wit and broad influences - anything from folk, country, blues, rockabilly and elements of pop and punk.
At the very least, the notion of a contented, self-sufficient ensemble of households is implied in such references--Homer's as well as McNeill's--to gladsome dancing amid cornucopian harvests.
The Most Revd Vincent Nicholls was at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum to open Skilful Hands and Gladsome Hearts, which runs until April 17.
Gladsome Light, from the Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts, op.
It was a story which was just screaming to be told," says Martin, who many will know from his fame-finding days in the 1980s with The Daintees, with albums such as Boat to Bolivia and Gladsome, Humour and Blue.
Try this: Wait until everyone is quiet and then say, "Let us with a gladsome mind, praise for the Lord for he is kind.
Skilful Hands and Gladsome Hearts features the work of The Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus which was produced at their Southam convent from 1876 to 1960.