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The stand kids, backed by the Ohio Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Foundation (TUPCF), raised the issue of tobacco use glamorization through an Ohio-wide petition and survey drive that launched on World No Tobacco Day (May 31, 2003), asking kids around the state how they felt about the glamorization of tobacco.
Already on the rise, marijuana use among teens surely will accelerate with increasing societal normalization and glamorization.
The book is a glaring glamorization of violence against women," Bonomi said in an interview with U.
The real problem, he said, is the glamorization of sexual activity.
While much has been written on the glamorization of smoking in Hollywood films, surprisingly little research exists on the portrayal of smoking in Asian cinema," Dr Pugsley said.
6) Santoshi's Oriental fantasy, featuring the sensational artist and dancer Rehana, came under the radar of the centralized authority vested in the newly amended Film Censor Board and was banned citing its impudent moral tenor and glamorization of social evils.
Chapter 2, "The Marginalization of Latino Urban Youth" examines the glamorization of gang violence, and the ways in which the "barrio" acts as an alternative "nation" for many of its inhabitants.
says he's dumbfounded by "all of this glamorization and sanitization of what really happened.
It was a decade tilled with dramatic social, economic and political changes that included MTV, video gaming, the election of Ronald Reagan and glamorization of the financial world and stock market.
Topbas said they were working on a glamorization project for the city.
He stresses the evolution and unpredictability of recent Protestant and Catholic Big House fiction, set both North and South of the Border, and correctly taking issue with Seamus Deane's belief "that the Big House novel perpetuates a Yeatsian glamorization of Ascendancy" (67), argues for the continuing relevance and potency of the genre.
Such progress as has been made has been achieved despite the pervasive glamorization of single parenthood in movies and the media and by single-parent celebrities in the worlds of sports and entertainment.