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Additional normalization, expectation, and glamorization of violence, including references to the glamor associated with dying in support of jihad, complete the array of negative influence.
See, I know I'm not alone in my glamorization of someday.
When it comes to reducing the glamorization of smoking in popular culture, the IoM report also called for the Motion Picture Association of America to "consider the use of tobacco in the movies as a factor in assigning mature film ratings.
Almost every criminal law practitioner can testify to the impact of the DNA revolution, especially to the expectations of jurors and other laypersons on what the effects of forensic science should be in solving criminal cases, partly because of glamorization by the plethora of forensic investigation programs on television.
With public health groups conducting an aggressive campaign against Hollywood's glamorization of smoking, some movie studios are beginning to respond.
She debunked the glamorization of the housewife and discovered the pervading existence of "a problem that has no name," the persistent feeling of incompleteness that enveloped many American women.
Because for all its gory glamorization of crime-scene investigations, the hit CBS series has overlooked an emerging player amid all the hype: Forensic nurses.
The exhibit features a series of narrative photographs that focus on the glamorization of violence in the American media and imagination," said Miller-Novak.
While, for example, most of the artists who worked outside and against the nationalist continuum of Serbia in the '90s avoided dealing directly with the mass-media imagery that enforced the regime's glamorization of violence, the artist and well-known actor Uros Duric chose to directly address and satirize the linked cultures of war and pornography.
The media's glamorization of "white-collar prisons" has fueled the public perception that it may be worth the risk of a soft prison sentence to gain a substantial amount of money.
She does so, however, without defaulting to knee-jerk anti-Americanism or, conversely, a wistful glamorization of Western culture.
Groom seems to be guided by two contradictory impulses: the postmodernist side and its familiar trappings (the glamorization of the occult, artistic genius, and poetic inspiration).