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In addition to Animal Planet's involvement with violent attacks against its ships and seafarers, ICR is concerned that broadcasting the series will serve to glamorize ecoterrorism and make future violent attacks more likely.
Displacing three-time winner ``Seinfeld,'' the NBC comedy on Thursday won the association's Phlemmy Award, coughed up each year to vilify the TV show that most glamorizes smoking.
On one hand, it glamorizes Ari as a heroic sexual rebel.
In a city that glamorizes power yet is power-phobic about its government, this is a tremendous gamble, especially for the Valley, where residents realize that future mayors may not be as sympathetic to Valley interests as Richard Riordan has been.
Outdoor advertising that encourages and glamorizes tobacco use in areas where children reside, play, and attend religious services and school undercut these education efforts.
Williams, who in his eight years of sobriety has become very active in substance-abuse counseling, notes, ``The way Hollywood glamorizes drug usage makes me crazy.
But the ``F&L'' team denies, quite plausibly, that their movie glamorizes drug use.
Princess Diana Monday apologized for taking her sons to see the Harrison Ford-Brad Pitt movie ``The Devil's Own,'' which some Brit critics say glamorizes an Irish Republican Army killer.