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Indirect, layered lighting creates visual interest for sighted users without being glary.
The lighting at its Madison, WI, office was glary and outdated, but the company couldn't afford a complete renovation, so retrofit specialist Energy Performance Lighting devised a solution that would provide new lighting using the existing fixtures.
To enliven the streetscape, SWA looked for a pedestrian-level luminaire that would "create points of visible light [along the street], light people's faces without being glary or harsh and comply with the dark sky legislation," says Slaney.
For most people, the term is synonymous with the dimly lighted corridors, unshielded, glary sources, and unsightly fl uorescent luminaires that plague commercial buildings around the nation.
Oncoming headlights are bright and glary, but the same headlights when viewed during the day, when there is sufficient volumetric brightness from daylight, are not.