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I got so mad, I took out my glass eye, handed it to him and said, 'Try this'.
When she took out her glass eye, her false teeth on the sly, Her lovely golden hair, she placed upon the chair.
HIS chart-topping song Two Little Boys could bring a tear to a glass eye, but it is the emotional journey Rolf harris undertakes in this illuminating documentary that truly brings home to the entertainer the horror of war.
A LORD mayor's chain, an urn full of ashes, a glass eye and a cat have all been left in Travelodge hotel rooms in the last year.
Many of the venues no longer exist, but their supporters recall funny anecdotes about customers from the past, including one man who used to take out his glass eye and pop it in his pint.
Stuart stood up to Terri and a little back and fourth ended with Terri's glass eye in a pint.
Travelodge bosses revealed a long list of bizarre items cleaners have found in Scots hotel rooms after guests checked out, including a glass eye, a six-foot rattlesnake skin, a hamster, keys to a Bentley and a box of Viagra.
When he first decided to move to the big city, he was advised not to because he would face many obstacles because of his glass eye.
8, before being told, "You're so ugly you'd make a glass eye cry.
This year's BB starts on Thursday and Mikey revealed: "I've heard there might be a transvestite going in as well as someone with a glass eye.
Defence solicitor James Humphrys said Jones had a glass eye after being attacked a year before the incident in Market Street, Abergele.