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Nope," said glass eye, and he slid the hatch closed.
The DJ even bragged that large rings he wore were "made from the glass eyes of dead bodies at the mortuary".
Glass Eye Productions is a video and multimedia production company operating in Ireland for the past 12 years.
The subtitle refers to the aerial camera being likened to a spy able to penetrate enemy territory with a glass eye.
Cregan has swapped his normal NHS glass eye for a completely black prosthetic to frighten people, sources say.
Adventure with a Glass Eye was not as interesting as it could have been, because the author tends to emphasise what an extraordinary person he was.
The Puritan morality underlying so much American horror cinema is just one target lampooned by "Satan," which was birthed by writer-director James Felix McKenney's MonsterPants Movies and nurtured by Larry Fessendan's eclectic Glass Eye Pix (whose catalog ranges from "I Sell the Dead" to "Wendy and Lucy").
When she took out her glass eye, her false teeth on the sly, Her lovely golden hair, she placed upon the chair.
In this way the glass eye calls up the glass hand, history's compression discovered in air marring its surface with wrinkle, a flaw in the design of hobnail or cut.
SANDIEGO, CA -- A festive and exuberant pillowfight by the Zero team last Friday turned sour when rider Sheldon Meleshinski was walloped in the head and lost his glass eye.
A new house buried in the ground renders itself almost invisible, only turning a glass eye on the sea in a remote part of Wales.