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As Table 1 indicates, Project GLEAN succeeded in distributing nearly 55 tons of food--food that otherwise would have been wasted--over the past two years.
This product positioning gave it a distinct difference over its biggest competitors, Finesse and Glean.
These were carrion/high patrol, prey/high patrol, insectivorous/bark glean and frugivorous/ground glean (Table 2).
I am thrilled to work with the stunning team of Anne and Ellen," Stone said in a statement, "and I hope to glean a little something extra about comedy from these two experts.
Still, you learn so much from an autopsy that you can't glean before the person dies.
Images from some of the most-popular archaeological sites are presented as examples of how to glean information about the history, social structure, and funerary beliefs of the people who were there.
To approach the book as a "quick read" would be a disservice because there is so much to glean.
Through his stonewalling and deceit, viewers were able to glean only one fact that they might not have already known: that the Modesto Democrat has no remorse, no shame and no concern about Chandra Levy.
Overweight survivors glean the most pronounced benefit, she finds.