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The memory is as alive and sensitive as if it were covered with just a thin membrane, beneath which the nerve pulsated glimmeringly, never fully at rest.
A further consequence of the televisionization of opera will be the decline of the singingstatue style of the Sutherlands and Pavarottis (whose opening night Trovatore at the Met was boycotted by Licia Albanese, who ordinarily kicks off the season with the National Anthem but who wouldn't sit through that fizzle one more time, and quite right too) and a corresponding rise of the style of singers in the vein of Callas and Domingo, whose merits as actors even monolingual Americans can now glimmeringly comprehend with the electronic asset of TV subtitles or-if one attends the City Opera -the supertitles above the stage.
One could, glimmeringly, enjoy this or that tableau, and certain of the director's basic suppositions did penetrate the language barrier; for example, that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are foppish homosexual clones of the sitting duck variety; that Hamlet is meant to be perceived, in his first scenes, as a surly know-it-all punk kid, his speech to the players rank with condescension.