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If we add to this evil, the attendant glitter upon glitter, we have a perfect farrago of discordant and displeasing effects.
Away behind him as far as eye could reach rolled the far-stretching, unbroken river of steel-rank after rank and column after column, with waving of plumes, glitter of arms, tossing of guidons, and flash and flutter of countless armorial devices.
The cheeks and arms of Peggotty, so hard and red in my childish days, when I wondered why the birds didn't peck her in preference to apples, are shrivelled now; and her eyes, that used to darken their whole neighbourhood in her face, are fainter (though they glitter still); but her rough forefinger, which I once associated with a pocket nutmeg-grater, is just the same, and when I see my least child catching at it as it totters from my aunt to her, I think of our little parlour at home, when I could scarcely walk.
But glitter includes cosmetic glitters as well, the more everyday kind that people don't think about as much.
Splash, best known for its Glitter Liquid eyeliner and mascaras, also supplies other manufacturers with film-based glitters suitable for use in cosmetic products.
American Glitters has introduced two new line of PET glitters for use in various industrial applications.
It is not just the Gary Glitters who should be international pariahs, but all those who profit from this awful trade: the local pimps and police who look the other way, the travel firms and the foreign governments who make public statements, while quietly raking in the cash.