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And despite the money, the mansions and the globe-trotting megastar lifestyle, Sir Paul and Heather have always insisted their daughter should have a "very grounded, very normal" upbringing.
GLOBE-TROTTING gapyear students are being offered the chance to take part in an Arctic adventure.
The globe-trotting odyssey was launched to raise money to support research into Parkinson's Disease.
In Madison Avenue Maxi, the wife of a movie star provides an inherently fascinating and engagingly personal memoir of the life and times of the family dog, a miniature dachshund she and her husband adopted, and offers up whimsical, fun anecdotes on how to dog became a part of their fast-paced, globe-trotting lifestyle.
GLOBE-TROTTING MP Barry Sheerman has dismissed criticism of a five-star holiday he has taken in Thailand.
ESSEX, NY -- Known in the skateboard community as the globe-trotting Traveller, who has skated every comer of the planet, Kenny Reed now admits that he has not left his apartment in upstate New York for the last 10 years due to travel anxiety.
The next Indiana Jones flick will not be another father-son affair after Sean Connery said he will not return to play dad to Harrison Ford's globe-trotting adventurer Indy.
NEW KETTLE CHIP FLAVOR: Kettle brand potato chips is globe-trotting in its third annual People's Choice campaign -- Passport to Flavor -- to choose the next Kettle flavor from among five -- Royal Indian Curry, Dragon 5 Spice, Twisted Chili Lime, Aztec Chocolate and Island Jerk.
They had already logged an impressive globe-trotting tour, photographing themselves with the glorious gourd on the Statute of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China, and other iconic world landmarks.
The 34-year-old called time on his globe-trotting to return to Scottish football in the summer for the first time in five years when he signed a two-year contract with Livingston.
My new bedding collection continues to reflect the extraordinary vistas of my exotic globe-trotting," said Waites, who has visited the temples of China, the palaces of India and Turkey, and the ancient cities of Italy.
GLOBE-trotting Scousers are fuelling a new phenomenon known as 'red eye weekends' by squeez-ing foreign breaks into long weekends, Liverpool's Co-op Travel has revealed.