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mediterraneum, at different sporangial growth stages is particularly specific to the member of clade E, with globose elongated sponagia, internally proliferating.
and its laterally inflated globose shell morphology (Cummings and Mayer, 1993; Oesch, 1995) probably serves as an adaptation for soft substrates such as silt or sand in quiet waters (Watters, 1994; Haag, 2012).
Unfortunately, this specimen, with globose isidia and apothecia sunken in lobes, is too small to identify to the species level.
Nurse rocks are more important than nurse plants in determining the distribution and establishment of globose cacti (Mammillaria) in the Tehuacan Valley, Mexico.
Achenes roundly trigonous to terete, globose or ellipsoid; surface smooth, tuberculate (warty), pitted, or lobed, rarely pubescent; hypogynium disk-like, lobed or entire, sometimes absent.
Pathologic findings in neurodegenerative disorders Important Useful pathologic immunohistochemical Disorder findings stains Alzheimer disease Senile plaques and Ass protein, tau, neurofibrillary ubiquitin tangles Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD): Pick disease Pick bodies Tau FTLD with TDP43 Motor neuron TDP43, ubiquitin and ubiquitin disease inclusions inclusions FTLD with parkinsonism Neurofibrillary Tau, ubiquitin linked to tangles chromosome 17-tau Corticobasal Ballooned neurons, Tau degeneration tufted astrocytes, coiled bodies Progressive Globose Tau, ubiquitin supranuclear neurofibrillary palsy tangles Dementia with Cortical Lewy [alpha]- Lewy bodies bodies synuclein, ubiquitin Table 2.
0 cm diameter in 14 days on Sabouraud Dextrose agar at 250C white to yellowish cream with yellowish reverse Conidio-phore erect, colorless, large globose vesicles bearing metulae phialides.
known as chue Mue, is a stout straggling prostrate shrubby plant, with spinous stipules and globose pinkish flower heads, and grows as weed in almost all parts of the country.
Twenty-three pages at the beginning go all the way back to human beginnings, presenting objects of Brazilian "lithic art," from Paleolithic flint spear points to idols and statuettes smoothed out of gabbro to amazonite and nephrite animal carvings to haunting anthropomorphic figures with globose, stylized faces.
Stamens included; filaments complanate, lilac toward the apex, the antepetalous ones adnate to the petals for 6-8 mm, the antesepalous ones free; anther base obtuse-sagittate, apex apiculate, apiculus nigrescent, dorsifixed above the base at 1/3 of its length; pollen globose, diporate, exine psillate; stigma conduplicate-spiral, ellipsoid-capitate, lilac-purple, margins crenulate-lacerate; ovary obconic, trigonous, 8-9 mm long, 6-7 mm in diameter at the apex, white, glabrous, bearing inconspicuous longitudinal sulcus; placentation apical; ovules shortly caudate; epigynous tube inconspicuous, ca.
Taylor [2] reported the confusion with Cleopatra (taxa herein assigned to Lioplacodes), but that there is a family-level trait difference (relatively large and globose vs.