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5) mm long, globose to ovoid, with obtuse, apiculate apex, conspicuously pitted, white or gray, with tufts or lines of minute, yellowish to purplish hairs; hypogynium distinctly 3-lobed, the lobes oblong to lanceolate, apex obtuse to subacute, appressed to achene base.
The globose shape, relatively low spire, subsutural lirae, and well developed inductura on the parietal lip are diagnostic.
This gradient progresses from globose nonpapillated walkeriana type with well-defined incised spiral grooves, large size at sexual maturity, a more occluded umbilicus, and higher whorl number, to intermediate populations, and eventually to type morroensis with small size at sexual maturity, coarse profuse papillation, open umbilicus, lower whorl number, and reduced pronouncement of incised spiral grooves (Table 1).
Mexican gold-poppies produced carpets of dazzling yellows and oranges that intermingled with the magenta of owl clover, the blue of lupines, and more yellows from the globose perennial brittlebrush.
This small, globose cactus has cream to pale yellow flowers and occurs at a limited number of sites in Arizona and Utah.
Leaf arrangements may be spiral or star-shaped, wide open or globose.
in "North American Trees," as "a globose, orange, semi-fleshy, glandular-coated drupaceous berry one-third to one-half inch long.
Microscopically, the isolates had hyaline septate branching fungal hyphae, hemispherical vesicles with uniserate phialides, and globose chaining conidia.
1 mm long, globose, sessile; basal pinnae up to 22.
Fruit shape: globose = 0; subglobose = 1; obovoid = 2; elipsoid = 3; ovoid = 4.