globular mass

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Head, trunk and limbs were there; even the fingers and toes were distinctly defined; and many professed to see in the distribution and arrangement of the fibers in the globular mass representing the head a grotesque suggestion of a face.
He observed a small globular mass protruding from left nasal cavity for which he consulted a local allopathic doctor and was referred here for further evaluation and treatment.
Parasols, iPhones, and knives alike spun for a few moments before being swallowed by the dark globular mass.
A bilobular conjunctival mass of 15 x 17mm, globular mass of 15 x 20mm and third lid swelling of 20 x 20mm was seen.
Around this time the entity - which newspapers had nicknamed 'The Runcorn Thing' - materialised and showed itself to be an enormous globular mass of swirling vapour with glowing eyes and two long arms that terminated in pincers.
According to my hypothesis, the solar system has evolved from a globular mass of incandescent gas rotating around an axis through its center of mass.
A thread was passed around the globular mass toward the pedicle, the pedicle was ligated, and the tumor was excised (figure 3).
There was tenderness in right iliac fossa with a globular mass of 6 x 6cm.
Inferior to the umbo a neomembrane is retracted against the promontory, which appears as a yellowish globular mass.
Intra operatively, a globular mass was seen lateral to the middle turbinate extending in to the anterior and posterior ethmoids involving the fovea ethmoidalis and up to the sphenoid postero-superiorly.
PER VAGINA: cervix was pulled up, a globular mass of 14wks size, firm, restricted mobility above-down, freely mobile side to side was found.
Gross picture showed grey white brown globular mass measuring tissue 8 x 6 x 4 cm with external surface hemorrhages.