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01 trillion yen with an underlying trend pointing out that many companies have remained reluctant to spend fresh capital amid the gloomier outlook for the country's economy.
On the gloomier side, the research firm warns that the growing market share of mobile ads could weigh on the amount of revenues generated from a web page.
Their forecast is considerably gloomier than that of the independent Office for Budgetary Responsibility.
France, Italy and Germany weigh in even gloomier, at 77%, 71%, and 68% negative in regard to their national economic condition
And things looked even gloomier for Brazil when a bank of floodlights at the Arena Sao Paulo went out halfway through the first period.
The gloomier outlook suggests that the Treasury's borrowing forecasts will be raised significantly - we estimate to [pounds sterling]39 billion and [pounds sterling]41bn ($78bn to 82bn).
The glowing predications stand in stark comparison to those of recent years, which seemed to grow successively gloomier despite the REIT industry's consistent double-digit returns.
The news from the traditional defined-benefit (DB) pension front seems to get progressively gloomier.
The world is a gloomier place without him,'' said Nancy Neumann, a retired dancer and TV actress from Studio City.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- This year's "back to school" season is coming under a slightly gloomier economic sky than in years past.
industry unit shipments will drop by about 5 percent to 6 percent from 2007 levels--a gloomier assessment from the company's previous forecast of a falloff of 3 percent to 5 percent in shipments.
Discussing memories of a bad experience can dull emotional pain, but it's important not to dwell continuously on gloomier thoughts.