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The office worker chews gloomily on his meal, not speaking to his partner, while the teacher smiles and laughs as he recounts his day over supper.
On Sunday night, millions of people were gloomily pondering their return to work on the first Monday morning of 2016.
Before then the abiding image of Wimbledon was referee Alan Mills clutching a radio to his ear while staring gloomily at the heavens.
The endorsement from the Welsh public comes even though a number of leading rugby names are gloomily predicting an early World Cup exit for Gatland's men.
Certainly not to garden guru Monty Don, who describes the most common variety of laurel as gloomily Victorian, pointing out that it is also poisonous to other plant life.
On your summer holiday, instead of gifting your beach toys to the next holiday makers as you gloomily board the coach to the airport, pack the toys and save them for a snowy day.
e North East's brief heatwave looked well and truly over last night as clouds hung thick over the region and forecasters gloomily predicted torrential downpours.
Other troubling statistical indicators made it gloomily clear that the Great Recession had not significantly eased its grip on the state.
He did a quick interview for the Gazette, signed the bumper match programme brought out to mark the day, then slipped quietly away with his teammates, the disappointed Hull fans having already trudged off gloomily never to return to their home of 56 years.
40pm IF your idea of TV heaven is watching the gloomily unfunny Graham Norton or the even more dreary Alan Carr camping it up then tonight's your night, writes Steve Davies.
Huddersfield weather expert Paul Stevens gloomily predicted more rain today and into the weekend, when thousands are expected to turn out to see the Olympic Torch relay through Huddersfield and Brighouse.
So there's a couple of minutes admiring the sheen on galvanised steel, gloomily checking how many products are made in China, and watching one of those little videos about an indestructible trowel called "the gardener's friend".