gloomy outlook

See: pessimism
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But I laughed, as I read, at the journal's gloomy outlook.
Such is the gloomy outlook that, for the first time in almost six years, we've seen a negative forecast for employment and investment.
More weak Chinese economic data further clouded the gloomy outlook, AP reported.
The gloomy outlook sent the share price crashing by 26%.
The gloomy outlook likewise applies on wage growth, which was revised down to 2.
NEW YORK -- US stocks fell sharply Friday, with the techrich Nasdaq Composite Index sinking more than two percent following a gloomy outlook from a leading semiconductor company.
At Airbus, Kahn will have to contend with a gloomy outlook for military spending and uncertainty over Britain's role in Europe as it prepares for a possible referendum on European Union membership planned for 2017 by Britain's Conservative Party if it retains power in elections to be held next year.
Despite the gloomy outlook for the European refinery sector, oil major ExxonMobil is investing more than $1 billion in its refinery in Antwerp, Belgium.
Deteriorating asset quality and a gloomy outlook for stock market listings were pushing private companies towards an exits from city banks, said Fan Wei, an analyst with Hongyuan Securities.
NEW YORK -- A gloomy outlook from Caterpillar, the world's largest construction equipment company, tugged the stock market lower Wednesday.
The contraction adds to a gloomy outlook for the slowing growth of Asia's third-largest economy and increases pressure on the finance minister to present a pro-growth budget plan later this month.
Gloomy outlook elsewhere' Amr Elalfy, Global Head of Research at Mubasher Financial Services, pointed out: "In sharp contrast to the gloomy outlook elsewhere in global markets, Dubai has seen concrete evidence of a rise in investor confidence -- as shown by gains in real estate, credit and equities.