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Who will pay for the personal glorification of leaders?
We, a group of Armenians living in different countries, are seriously concerned about the government's policy of glorification of fascism in Armenia.
Kapoor, who essays the role of Maharaja Ratan Singh in the film, also expressed that no better glorification of Rajputs could have been done than that presented in the film.
The glorification of killers and criminals is condemnable and a blight on our collective moral conscience.
Many of the confrontations he instigates do not achieve anything other than his personal glorification, promoting his moral and professional superiority at the expense of the public officials he decides to pick on.
My work toys with the concepts of glorification, objectification and modification, touching on the mutability of identity, gender and beauty.
In a tweet, Abu Zeid expressed his "outrage", stating; "Shocked and outraged to read Guardian article by Simon Tisdall, stark example of double standards and glorification of terrorism.
Those detained were suspected of belonging to a terrorist organisation, affiliation to a terrorist organisation operating abroad and glorification of terrorist organisations, the same press release reads.
I have thick skin - literally" Model Kelly Brook hits back at trolls who called her fat "I'm appalled at the glorification of killing wild and rare animals on this TV channel.
Yet without wishing to question the anger of people who see it as a glorification of the oppression of their ancestors, there are other ways to looRk at what the architect describes as a "precarious balanced form, half-buried beneath the ground, half-projecting into the air, [which] demonstrates the unstable nature of the Crown".
Jeddah, Sha'ban 24, 1437, May 31, 2016, SPA -- The Senior Council of Ulema emphasized that the highest ends of Hajj are the glorification the sanctities of the holy places of Allah; and the veneration of the ritual of Hajj is achieved in having it performed in the way the Prophet (peace be upon him) did.
Far too much of our cash is spent on the self glorification of the political 'elite.