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The term glory hole applies to the small opening through which the artist passes the glass for reheating as the object is formed.
The Bureau of Reclamation wants visitors to know that due to drought conditions, the Glory Hole concrete boat ramp at New Melones Lake may be closed during the Labor Day Holiday Weekend if the lake level reaches 865 feet elevation.
The Glory Hole was first discovered and skated in 1978 Rick Blackhart, Duane Peters and a few other skaters.
Installed at the height of a glory hole in a real darkroom meant to be used for anonymous sex, and with barely any light on it, Drain took on the aura of something dangerous or, perhaps, exciting.
The Glory Hole adds a creepy effect on his voice that makes it vibrate as he sings, "I'm chasing the sun, I'm chasing my dream" to a Velvet Underground drone.
He has created a new glory hole - a furnace used as part of the glassmaking operation - which drastically reduces the energy costs involved and it is in operation in his garage.
You see, like many men of his generation, he had a glory hole of a garage, filled to the rafters with treasured pieces of wood and all his tools, in pristine condition, racked in perfect order.
While the 16th was a glory hole for Goosen it proved an embarrassment for England's Ian Poulter.
As we rolled like a golf ball on par into the Glory Hole Recreation Area in California's Gold Country, we drooled over the welcoming blue blast of New Melones Lake and sized up assorted houseboats in the marina, each with its own affectionately bestowed moniker like the saccharine "Polly" or more menacing "Gangway," and variously bedecked with slides, multiple floors, hot tubs and canopies.
but not before we got about a THOUSAND people through the glory hole.
It used to be a glory hole when my kids were at home, full of school bags and coats, other people's kids and disarray and I used to think how nice it would be to one day have it as I wanted, clutter-free and quiet.