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An annotation, explanation, or commentary on a particular passage in a book or document, which is ordinarily placed on the same page or in the margin to elucidate or amplify the passage.

See: color, comment, distortion, note

GLOSS. Interpretation, comment, explanation, or remark, intended to illustrate the text of an author.

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Its stated purpose was simple: to fill in the missing arguments in some of his Spanish glosses for his inquisitors.
Compared to many other glosses the container is kind of small but even so, the gloss is long-lasting.
The Riverside and Bevington editions have glosses at the foot of their double-column pages.
Glosses became the "site" on which new relationships were established.
In both glosses, Clarembald follows the general pattern of presenting portions of Boethius' text then his own explanation, which sometimes includes a short survey of competing views and comparisons to or illustrations from other philosophers or theologians and Scripture.
Creating glosses in L1 does not involve much mental effort--this is due, most unfortunately, to human nature: in attempts to be economical we take short cuts and act mechanically.
The Body Shop Liquid Lip Colour, pounds 7 This barely there gloss is perfect if you don't like the sticky texture of thicker lip glosses.
Try these sparkling glosses over your regular lipstick.
Our testers pucker up to put punchy pink lip glosses through their paces.