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An annotation, explanation, or commentary on a particular passage in a book or document, which is ordinarily placed on the same page or in the margin to elucidate or amplify the passage.

See: color, comment, distortion, note

GLOSS. Interpretation, comment, explanation, or remark, intended to illustrate the text of an author.

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The term glossing has traditionally been used to refer to providing written explanations of difficult words, phrases or expressions that appear in a text.
The hierarchy today places calcined clays with newsprint, engineered filler clays with supercalendered (SC) and SC-A grades, delaminated with ultra lightweight coated (ULWC) and LWC, glossing clays with medium weight coated (MWC), and high brightness glossing clays with coated woodfree and art papers.
He states that "such were the technical hurdles in the period before printing that one must assume that what the medieval reader took from a classic is what appears in the glosses, not in the original text" (25), and "It is clear that they [medieval and early Renaissance readers] were able to extract far less, not more, from these texts than was offered by the glossing and commentary tradition; the fact is that whatever their glosses reveal constitutes the limit, nor the minimum, of their comprehension and understanding" (ibid.
Use of premium ultra-fine high glossing clay to replace No.