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3 Avery CME, Johnson PA, Surgical glove perforation and maxillofacial trauma: to plate?
The significance of detecting glove perforation lies not only in the fact that it helps to avoid cross transmission of infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and so forth, but also in the fact that intraoperative infection to patient can lead to catastrophic and devastating effects by causing postoperative infection in patient.
Additional information was collected to allow analysis of other factors that may influence glove perforation rates such as urgent-emergent versus non-urgent status of cases and the time taken to complete the case.
None of the surgeons that were found to have tears in their gloves were aware of glove perforation or needle punctures during the surgery.
Al-Maiyah et al (2005) ran a randomised controlled trial (RCT) to determine whether changing gloves at specified intervals could reduce the incidence of glove perforation and contamination in total hip arthroplasty.
It should be pointed out that the glove wearers were aware of only eight glove perforations, while the fluorescent dye test detected 32 perforations.
With the inherent risk of surgical glove failure and the issue that the majority of surgical glove perforations go unnoticed, double gloving has become a best practice standard.
When using the hand held technique, the rate of glove perforation was significantly reduced to only three times in the 53 patients treated and that too was during the placement of intraoperative bridle wires to stabilize segments.
Aarnio P, Laine T 2001 Glove perforation rate in vascular surgery--a comparison between single and double gloving VASA Zeitschrift fur Gefsskrankheiten Journal for vascular diseases 30 (2) 122-124
Earlier studies reported a rate of glove perforation of 20% to 26% during open abdominal procedures.
Wearing glove perforation indicator systems enables the glove wearer to detect perforations to gloves more easily than when wearing standard double gloves.
There were several glove perforations among doctors during the study, and one doctor injured himself with a scalpel.