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The urgency of the procedures did not affect the glove perforation rates.
Given the high overall glove perforation rate of 25%, and the finding that no double gloved surgeon in either group experienced perforation of both under and over gloves, double gloving for all surgical team members is recommended.
Intraoperative glove perforation is an important consideration during surgery and is a constant occupational hazard in orthopaedic surgery in particular.
The current literature estimates that surgeons have a high lifetime risk of being exposed, due to glove perforation, to hepatitis, and HIV viruses.
Only 1 percent of operating room nurses responding to the survey indicated that they estimate single glove perforations are recognized 100 percent of the time and 14 percent said they are recognized 75 percent of the time.
It should be pointed out that the glove wearers were aware of only eight glove perforations, while the fluorescent dye test detected 32 perforations.
There were several glove perforations among doctors during the study, and one doctor injured himself with a scalpel.