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The strength of the glued joint a lot depends on the interaction between wood and adhesives, and adhesion of the adhesive.
Washing it should probably be restricted to swishing clean the top of the glass while keeping the glued stem and base clear of hot soapy water.
Glued seams are the number one maintenance problem plaguing turf installations.
How easily the rocks break apart depends on what types of sediment the rocks contain, and how the grains are glued together.
The water quality of PVC supply pipes might be better if the joints weren't glued together.
A solid sheet created by welding these metallocene polyolefins is stronger than the glued laminates of plastic films used in current diaper constructions.
After unloading the glued foam cluster from the gluing machine, an operator loads it into the robotic dipping cell and the robot's tooling dips it into a coating tank.
Place a flap from circle 2 against the glued flap--edges as closely aligned as possible--and pinch tightly for 10 to 15 seconds.