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I'm going down now, Sir,' was glumly intoned by the Diver before his departure.
Glumly, we hang around the house for a few hours, with the hot sun glaring down on our long-sleeved cotton bug shirts that cling to our sweat-soaked bodies.
It's going to get a good deal more terrible, I'm afraid," he said glumly in congressional testimony yesterday that was televised throughout the Arab world as well as in the United States.
The authors glumly note that, for the moment, the public is unlikely to accept such a step.
An old man vomits on a wall to the side, while several other men sit glumly on the floor.
As Berger himself noted glumly at an Auckland press conference, a week after his clumsy remark about intervention, East Timor had "riveted the region's and the world's attention?
Anyone looking ahead from when this standoff began, would have glumly expected that sooner or later the two sides would come to savage blows.
3 NOT DOWN: The home fans look on glumly as John Eustace leads the celebrations for another crucial step on the path to survival.
We did a lot of toxicology," Stone remembers glumly.
Just press the hot button, and you can destroy your opponent by revealing his sex life, real or imagined--it makes no difference if you have the hard-soft cash to buy time for a TV ad or to finance something like Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, where gays are compassionately demonized for having made a "a bad choice" in the cafeteria of sexual delights when, with a bit of therapy or prayer, they could change and become as wretched as those sad straights, half of whom are doomed to undergo divorce, battles over child custody, and charges of overpopulating the planet (if only from me) while glumly submitting, if in office--if oval-shaped--to the eager, if incompetent (the navy blue dress
I was starting to feel as if I had walked into a Young Republicans meeting when I noticed Herschler's press secretary at the next table, glumly looking our way.
Mouthwatering treats were placed before him, but the talk got so hot and heavy that it was all Leybovich could do to keep up-and watch glumly as the waiters eventually cleared the table.