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Surveys from the Confederation of British Industries and the Engineering Employers' Federation have been glummer than ever.
They weren't counting the lack of goals that would have made a glum-looking Harry Redknapp even glummer, but the three points that left them 11 points above bitter rivals Birmingham City and the relegation zone.
Can't stand the Spring with its nettle stings, Hay fever, wasps and the weeds it bring It's then the wife buys paint, and 'justa' Head and means "get crackin' Buster"Too flaming hot" I moan at Summer Each trickle of sweat turns my visage glummer I nearly blow my temperature gaskets Continually waterin' those hanging baskets Listen, what goads me to complain Is that never endin' Autumn rain Brushing leaves stuck to the muddy floor Makes my back ache worse than before Winter draws on, batten down the hatches The forecast?
FEW faces will be glummer in Perthshire this week than Peter Lawrie's after the Dubliner's surrender in the closing stages of the KLM Open on Sunday, writes Steve Palmer.
The longer he talked, the glummer his audience got--Dan Dayton and the editor of the Des Moines Register and Henry Kenneberry and the sheriff.
See also Richard Nadler, Glum and Glummer, National Review 26, 28 (Sept.
Such toys gave Depression-era children, especially boys, the opportunity to enact fantasies that helped them escape the glummer realities of family life and the unpredictability of their futures.
As Gordon Brown heads off for a break in his native Scotland this month the Chancellor may well be glummer than the average holidaymaker.
He then finds a way to lead the basketball team, although hardly the way Coach Glummer envisioned.
KNACKERED McGinn GLUMMER HOLIDAYS SEASON 2013-14: Last game - May 11, v Motherwell (SPFL).
We have a phenomenon called "Gazette Face", where Joe Public, faced with one of our photographers, pulls a particularly appropriate expression to illustrate the story - and the glummer, the better.