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The time those in the east Midlands - the glummest folk in the UK - will raise their first smile today.
The miserable weather we have had in Ireland - with the longest day of the year also one of the glummest - changes things this weekend.
After all, we seem to be in the midst of an apparent pre-election battle of the glummest - with Labour and the Tories desperate to outdo each other in terms of how they're not scared of making cuts and more cuts after the polls.
The world's first billionaire sportsman walks around like the world's glummest man.
He further says that the glummest males are likely to go by the names of Andrew, Edward, Tim or Owen.
As we report on page 15 today, the region's consumers - ie all of us - are now among the glummest in the country when it comes to looking in the economic and financial crystal ball.
Zimbabwe was the glummest country in the world followed by Armenia, Moldavia, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania, Iraq and Bulgaria which were among the last 10.
As any scientist will tell you, the chemicals that chocolate releases will lift even the glummest soul hit by the thought of all those dark January nights ahead.
IT SEEMS that Monday past was predicted to be the glummest day so far this year, which rather baffled those of us who tumbled gaily through it, merely pausing in our frolics to cast a gimlet eye at the lashing rain and lowering skies.