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We looked at it with a mixture of glumness and scorn.
However glum Beem felt, the glumness must have been eased by the arrival of the tournament official, who patted him on the back, said "well done", and handed him a cheque for $51,000, about pounds 32,000.
A programme of contrasts, you might say, with here and there a curious touch of glumness (in the first couple of pieces nobody really cracked a smile).
Far more important, his new wife Gaynor, who gives the outward appearance of terminal glumness, is said to have taken a liking to Edinburgh (which one Foreign Office secretary described as "a first").
The findings of this study show a worrying trend towards glumness.
And if there was a smile of contentment on Moyes' face as he and Rooney slipped out of the Heathrow hotel to travel back to the north west, it would only have been matched by the glumness of Eriksson.
And while some have criticized Paltrow's one-note glumness, have they thought about how hard it is to sustain something like that throughout a whole movie?
Did he have that sense of pathos and resignation only found in the Midlands, which outsiders mistake for glumness but locals understand to be a protective cloak of self-deprecation?
Like much of DeeAEs career, however, it seems his transition to acting was rather accidental u and the characters he has played to date have had none of his famous glumness.
That might explain a certain perceived glumness when she was in the throes of playing Jane or, on her more depressed days, Enid.