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A glumness spread over the country, and the economy began to collapse.
I was about to ask him: Isn't the climate in university nicer than the glumness of Kuwaiti politics?
Tracy's glumness made me want to cheer myself up with a chunky bar of Fruit & Nut.
Sawyer adopts this optimistic attitude toward AI in direct retaliation to the technophobia and glumness of popular SF, such as the Matrix and the Terminator film series.
If we peruse a review of recruitment research by Rynes (1991), Breaugh (1992), Wanous (1992) and Barber (1998), we would find a mix of hopefulness and glumness.
Finding nothing to bolster his waning optimism, Freedom relapses into the despondency of glumness, considering himself, momentarily, "lucky" to be out of employment and therefore without any money in a bank where he would have to join the cumbersomely long queue to access it; "he skirted the queue, thankful at least that no money meant he didn't have any in a building society which could be closed down by the government" (67).
Newspaper reactions in France to Les Bleus' defeat to Mexico 1 "It was Waterloo in the Limpopo" - Le Figaro 2 "They will deserve the title of worst internationals in the history of France soccer, maybe not as players but surely as men" - France Soir 3 "You can only laugh at the fact that those players are big in the head and not so big below the belt" - L'Equipe 4 "All these spoiled talents, these unused resources form the cruel metaphor of a country that is often struggling to gather together, overcome glumness and division, and mobilise its strength" - Le Monde 5 "Pathetic" - Le Parisien RANK BANK We are testing the merits of Fifa's ranking system for betting purposes.
We worshiped a God of love with glumness and mortification, and though we professed every word of the Bible to be immutable law, we refused to make a joyful noise or to praise His glory and His mercy with harp and psalter and dance.
Glumness specialist Luke Wilson plays the title sad sack in "Henry Poole Is Here.
Kaplan is probably correct to notice that the growing interest in biography, with its straight narrative technique and its interest in the moral agency of its subjects, reflects the reading public's reaction against "the glumness, grotesquerie, and psychic isolationism of much serious contemporary fiction" (2).
With the chorus of boos that erupted as she emerged from the compound still ringing in her ears, Rula's downbeat performance was a suicide-inducing mass of glumness.