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Brumback, "Traumatic rupture of the superior gluteal artery, without fracture of the pelvis, causing compartment syndrome of the buttock.
Brown, "Profound hypotension in blunt trauma associated with superior gluteal artery rupture without pelvic fracture," Journal of Trauma--Injury, Infection and Critical Care, vol.
The superior gluteal artery (SGA) arises from the internal iliac artery.
The superior gluteal artery perforator flap: An additional tool in the treatment of sacral pressure sores.
In the case presented, we believe that the injury to the distal branch of the superior gluteal artery occurred during placement of the initial threaded guidewire while locating the greater trochanteric start point for cephalomedullary nail insertion.
The current case is the first we are aware of describing injury to a branch of the superior gluteal artery during cephalomedullary fixation of a hip fracture.
described the gluteal artery perforator flap based on parasacral perforators.
Superior gluteal artery injury presenting as delayed onset shock.
Superior gluteal artery laceration as a complication of iliac crest bone graft surgery was first described by Kahn (3) in 1978.
At this point, the posterior flap contains the deep branch of the medial femoral circumflex artery (MFCA), the anastomoses with the inferior gluteal artery, and the retinacular vessels.
Among its branches, there are the superior gluteal artery, the inferior gluteal artery and the internal pudendal artery that go out from the pelvis through the greater ischiatic foramen to the gluteal region (Moore & Dalley, 2004).
In the same specimen the superior gluteal artery was taking origin from the anterior division of internal iliac artery.