go across

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Take the road to the left and take the second footpath on the right and go across the field, leading towards the farm.
The farmers who go across the fence are frisked, so is their produce and the bullock carts.
It has already informed affected staff, with jobs set to go across the operations of Glasgow-headquartered Thus.
2 : to mark with or make lines that go across one another
Britain's fifth largest bank said the roles would go across its UK offices over the next 18 months.
I think there will be enough post-panamax ships to go across Panama by the end of construction.
We grew up in a time when grandchildren could simply go across the street to grandma for a cookie but now it has changed considerably.
Generally, proteins change quite a lot on their surface when you go across different species," Mills says.
MPs felt the surprise announcement on September 17 that 1,150 jobs were to go across the Jaguar group needed to be examined to give a true reflection of the state of the automotive industry in Britain.
Arguably, when Henry Ford provided the means for people to go across town without all of the hassle of a horse, he was creating a "new market disruption.
Dance has the ability to go across political lines to bring people together," she says.