go adrift

See: deviate
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The Love Boat will not go adrift if you grab the controls and steer your moves into happy ports.
But when the budgets began to go adrift at HEFT, we governors were told that, except at Good Hope Hospital, the emerging deficits were 'Non-Pay'.
He further said that PPP being a Federal party won't allow the important project of CPEC to go adrift or is made controversial but rights of the people of Balochistan and other all Fedrating Units has to be protected under every circumstance.
Then we can get ready for that next stretch of games because they will be massive, We can't go adrift of teams because we have been here before.
that we should meet again this month was because each country might lose interest and (the talks) would go adrift," Amari wrote.
The big production number "The Farmer and the Cowmen should be Friends" sets it all out clearly although in this otherwise energetic production things can go adrift.
Organizations go adrift from their original purpose, forget their organizational DNA-and then, at the time of reckoning, they do not even recognize their original selves.
Times may be good at present with higher milk prices and production generally flying but it can be easy to forget that things can go adrift again very quickly.
Such "special topics" abound in Furuness's novel: separation, sexual angst, adults who go adrift.
ranking minority member of the subcommittee, asked McRaith whether the FIO is making sure that American International Group does not go adrift again.
What is especially wrong with the Pakistan's economy that makes it go adrift after loosing its connect with the mainstream?
If that promise is not kept, the bilateral alliance itself may well go adrift.