go adrift

See: deviate
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Then we can get ready for that next stretch of games because they will be massive, We can't go adrift of teams because we have been here before.
that we should meet again this month was because each country might lose interest and (the talks) would go adrift," Amari wrote.
The big production number "The Farmer and the Cowmen should be Friends" sets it all out clearly although in this otherwise energetic production things can go adrift.
Times may be good at present with higher milk prices and production generally flying but it can be easy to forget that things can go adrift again very quickly.
Such "special topics" abound in Furuness's novel: separation, sexual angst, adults who go adrift.
If that promise is not kept, the bilateral alliance itself may well go adrift.
And if a further two points go adrift this afternoon - with Celtic odds-on to win at Falkirk - others may start to join me in the belief that the task of winning the title is beyond the Frenchman.
Yet how many marriages go adrift because one partner thinks the other partner can totally fulfil them?
Do not let this chance to create Liverpool'sown Hanging Gardens of Babylon go adrift, as the alternative is unnecessary diggings for the survival of Wiggins.
And just after the half hour mark Wright saw another opportunity to snatch his double go adrift when he blasted a vicious shot inches over from 18 yards.
However, there's only one letter and sometimes letters can go adrift in the post.
Basic business planning is essential, if you haven't got that right you are going to go adrift very quickly.